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1 in 8 women have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. (2006-2010 National survey of Family growth, CDC)

Having acupuncture treatments pre and post conception is very important. Dr. Potts offers the support women and men need as they go through there journey of conceiving and starting a family. There are many facets to reproductive medicine including acupuncture, nutritional counseling and Chinese herbs or supplements that all help to balance the mind, body and spirit.

Acupuncture has been proven to increase the chances of conception by 65%. Kelly has experience working in conjunction with reproductive endocrinologists and helping assist in reproductive therapies. Successfully, Kelly has treated endometriosis, low ovarian reserve, PCOS, high FSH, miscarriage, an-ovulation, advanced maternal age, low sperm count, mobility and morphology.  

Infertility is very important to Dr. Potts and seeing results is what makes for a very happy patient and practitioner. Kelly has created her own success stories. Stories of women who have struggled for months and even years to conceive and have the family they have always dreamed of having.



G. C. R.  Born on April at 9:08am

I know it took a village for us to get our miracle and you were definitely a part of it!! Thank you for being awesome at what you do!!

                                                                             Patient- J. R.

I LOVE Kelly Potts!  She is amazing at her profession and helps dreams come true.  I was having trouble getting pregnant for a second time.  I went through the IVF process to have my first child and was going through the IVF process again to have a second child.  After the third failed IVF attempt, my fertility doctor referred me to Kelly Potts.  Kelly was simply amazing.  She advised me on my eating habits and vitamin regimen.  I started seeing her once a week for acupuncture treatments and my fourth attempt at IVF was successful.  I stayed with Kelly throughout my pregnancy and now have a beautiful baby boy.  

                                                                                                          Patient- A. S.

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